My life as a software engineer

Inspired by a Post on Java Code Geeks I decided to share my own view of being a software engineer…

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When everybody hypes a language that I find crap

When I’m preparing to use somebody else’s code

When I see that my project has been forked on GitHub

When a team member proposes to use a new, unproven language for a project, for example….

When somebody tries to explain JavaScript’s prototype system

When somebody says “it’s written in C, so it must be fast”

When I hear your programming language doesn’t have exceptions and requires manual error handling instead

When I listen to someone who knows less about software development than me

When a colleague propose a coffee break while I’m frantically busy

When I ask someone for a helping hand at friday afternoon


When I’m watching a discussion of GIT versus SVN


When a team member asks me how my code works


When the project manager enters the office

When my script finally works!

When I refactor someones 200 lines of code and reduce it to 10 lines

When my computer crashes before saving my work