My life as a software engineer (part 2)

For part 1, check out this Post!

When a customer wants a new page „like Amazon“ for $500

When I have to write a Word importer & parser


When I’m doing my first steps in Ruby on Rails as a Java developer


When I try to fix a bug at 03:00 am

When a co-worker recommends Joomla as CMS

When the customer wants to change specifications 2 days before live release

When I do a code review of sh*!=% code

When David Heinemeier Hansson pushes a commit


When somebody says Javascript has a „beautiful object model“


When i ask a senior software engineer for help, because I already lost several hours on a problem


When I read new release notes

When I use a well done, nice and easy java library to help me doing some codemagic in 5 lines of code.


When a customer imagines his new website


When I have to add new functionality to non extendable code


When i have written a script for hours and then suddenly…. there is no need for it anymore


When I look at the implementation of Java


When the designers of a bad language decide to add a poorly-understood, „powerful“ new feature


When I refactor a project and all the unit tests are green


When I see that the errorhandling in the code is done by catching „Exception“ and even the exception-catch-block does NOTHING


When I’m googling a problem with my computer and I come across a post from 2009 in an obscure forum by a user who had the same question but no one answered it